Respirator Clearance
If your employees need to wear respiratory protection, we conduct two types of tests for respirator fit with qualitative or quantitative results.  We use PORTACOUNT equipment and Fit Plus software for quantitative testing. 
We can assist you in determining your respirator needs.  Please contact us if we can help fit your employees for respirators.  All you need to provide is the appropriate type and size of mask for each employee.  Please inform any employee requiring a fit test that they must be clean shaven at the time of testing.
OSHA has listed new standards concerning respirator surveillance programs.  These new standards affect all employees required to wear respirators in performing their jobs. We have  modified our pre-placement and periodic surveillance exams to remain in compliance with OSHA’s stricter requirements.  We also perform both qualitative and quantitative respirator fit-testing required by the new OSHA standards.  Please contact us if there are any questions about compliance with these respirator standards.

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