Travel Medicine
Travel to foreign countries can result in exposure to many new experiences.  Food, water, climate, culture, plants, animals, and language might seem unfamiliar and exotic.  It is important to guard against travel-related health or safety problems that may result.  There are several areas in which you can take measures to protect yourself, including immunizations, general health and safety, food, water, insects, and physical contact. 
We can assist you with all of your physical exam needs, such as UKOOA physicals, or other evaluations for remote duty for travel or work anywhere in the world. 
Our immunizations are provided consistent with recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and others.  Our travel medicine database is updated weekly.  We have information travelers should know about their immunizations and personal measures they should take to protect themselves from illnesses.  We also can discuss detailed information such as disease risk, indications, adverse reactions, and contraindications relative to medications and immunizations. 
Please contact us if we can help with your immunizations and foreign travel preparations.  For a list of immunizations available at our Clinic click here.

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