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Bourgeois Medical Clinic

Occupational and Environmental Medicine

The Clinic’s primary focus is on providing Occupational and Environmental Medicine services.

Our facility offers multiple services throughout a spacious structure of 13,800 square feet. Full in-house substance abuse screening, collection and testing services are performed, as well as other clinical laboratory tests. Medical records and X-rays are protected by a full fire and security system.

Our healthcare team includes a nurse practitioner and three physicians, which include a father and son team, possessing various medical certifications and extensive knowledge about requirements for occupational medicine and worker’s compensation.

Specific Occupational Medicine services offered at the clinic include treatment for work related injuries and illnesses, various pre-placement and fitness for duty medical evaluations, immunizations for foreign travel, FAA and DOT / CDL (FMCSA) physical examinations, commercial diver physicals (ADCI), and several OSHA surveillance and testing programs (i.e., benzene, blood borne pathogens, arsenic, asbestos, lead, cadmium, chromium, hazardous waste, hearing conservation, respiratory protection and silica). 


Bourgeois Medical Clinic
1201 Kenneth Street
Morgan City, LA 70380 


Phone: +1 985 384 3355

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