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Testing Services

Substance Abuse Testing

BMC is able to provide comprehensive substance abuse testing. Our substance abuse testing capabilities allow us to handle virtually all of your testing needs. Breath alcohol testing is performed on instruments which are DOT approved. Our knowledgeable certified collectors are able to collect specimens efficiently and reliably, minimizing errors that may jeopardize results. Years of experience have prepared our staff for the unexpected events that sometimes arise in the collection process, allowing us to take appropriate measures immediately to ensure that a proper specimen is submitted for testing. We also provide collections for saliva and hair testing.  
Please call us at 985-384-3355 if we can help with your drug-free workplace program.


Medical Review Officer

We have three experienced MROCC-certified MRO’s. They are adept at drug screen interpretation, and communicate the results promptly to the employer. Our communications to you regarding test results are timely, reliable, and confidential, so as to fulfill your needs for substance abuse testing documentation.



Experienced DOT Certified Collectors


Instant Testing

We have certified BAT’s (Breath Alcohol Technicians) for DOT and non-DOT Breath Alcohol Testing procedures. We are able to provide in-house and scheduled on-site breath alcohol testing and urine drug screens.

Medical Testing



X-Ray Services are provided by Two Full-Time Certified Radiologic Technologists with an overread by Board Certified Radiologists. Where required by OSHA Standards we are able to provide B-Reader services.



Basic Metabolic Panel
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Urinalysis - Macro & Micro
Complete Blood Count (CBC) Hemaglobin A1C (Diabetes)
Glucose Tolerance Testing
Hepatic Function / GGT
Glucose - Fasting or Random
Lipid Panel
RPR Testing for Syphilis

For any tests that we are not able to perform in-house, we can draw blood or collect the specimens for submission to an outside lab.



Beyond routine vision screening and basic color vision testing, Bourgeois Medical Clinic has added definitive color vision testing to its services offered with the Farnsworth D-15, Farnsworth Lantern / OPTEC 900 (FALANT) test. We use equipment that meets the standards required by the USCG, DOT / CDL, FAA, and other programs. Please contact us if you have an employee that requires color vision testing.


Physical Capability

Equipment to perform funtional testing for certain physical requirements, such as those of the US Coast Guard. We can conduct assessments for material handling, lifting and carrying, as well as assessments for swing ropes, climbing ladders and stairs.

This resource combined with our already established occupational and environmental medicine services, allows us to continue to improve and expand upon our ability to meet the testing needs of our client companies. Job specific evaluations can be developed for most physical requirements per company request.



We can assist you with your hearing conservation program. In performing an initial audiometric examination, a baseline is set by which to compare future hearing tests of your employees. We have two audio booths operated by our CAOHC certified technicians. Our physicians are able to track changes in your employees’ hearing and recommend proper protection or job restrictions as needed.



Pulmonary Function Testing is performed for a variety of job functions or positions.  This allows us to assess fitness for duty and fitness for respirator use.
Spirometry is performed by our ATS/NIOSH certified technicians.


Respirator Fit

If your employees need to wear respiratory protection, we conduct two types of tests for respirator fit with qualitative or quantitative results. We use PORTACOUNT equipment and Fit Plus software for quantitative testing.

We can assist you in determining your respirator needs. Please contact us if we can help fit your employees for respirators. Please inform any employee requiring a fit test that they must be clean shaven at the time of testing.



OSHA has standards concerning respirator surveillance programs. These standards affect all employees required to wear respirators in performing their jobs. Our pre-placement and periodic surveillance exams are compliant with OSHA’s requirements. We also perform both qualitative and quantitative respirator fit-testing required by the OSHA standards. Please contact us if there are any questions about compliance with these respirator standards.

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