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Highlights of Our Services



Pre-employment/Pre-placement Exams
Fitness for Duty/Task & Return to Work Exams
Worker's Compensation/Work-related Illness & Injury
Travel Medicine and Vaccination Review

Regulated/Standardized Medical Exams:
   Commercial Diver



Substance abuse screens
  Drug Testing - Urine, Saliva and Hair Collections
  Breath Alcohol Testing
Medical Review Officer Substance Screening Review

Assessment & treatment of injuries/illnesses
Fitness for duty evaluations after injury or illness 
X-ray services

Simple splinting/casting
Chemical exposure assessments
Foreign body removal eyes/rust ring removal
Pulmonary function testing
Vision screening Bloodwork/Laboratory testing
And a varity of other services!!


Functional Testing

Our facility includes the necessary equipment to perform functional testing for certain physical requirements, such as those of the US Coast Guard or company policy. We can conduct assessments for material handling, lifting and carrying, as well as assessments for swing ropes, climbing ladders and stairs.

This allows us to continue to improve and expand upon our ability to meet the testing needs of our client companies. Job specific evaluations can be developed for most physical requirements per company request. 



Our facility offers multiple services throughout a spacious structure of 13,800 square feet with ample parking. Conveniently located next to Spitale's Pharmacy, our building features multiple workup areas with audio booths, screening spirometers, qualitative and quantitative fit testing, 11 exam rooms, 3 treatment rooms, a procedure room, an X-Ray suite, full in-house substance abuse screening, collection and testing services, as well as other clinical laboratory tests. Medical records and X-rays are protected by a full fire and security system.

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